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We are aware that moving can be stressful and that you have a lot to accomplish, but once you have moved into your new home, it is crucial that you update your address and plan things accordingly, this is why we recommend you to have a good plan and use a good moving app.

Updating Your Driving License's Address

The Government must be notified of any changes to your information, including your name, residence, and any medical issues, as required by law. Whether you have a full or provisional driving licence, this is true.

You risk receiving a £1,000 fine if you don't notify them in a timely manner. Do you see why it is important to use our app and plan ahead?
You have two options for changing your address: online or through a posted application.

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They typically want further documentation of your name change, so if you also need to alter your name, you will need to send it in the mail.

If you would like, you can update your photo as well, but there is a £14 fee for doing so. You won't be charged for any other changes you need to make to the information on your driver's licence.

You must hold your current driver's licence, reside in Scotland, Wales, or England (the procedure for Northern Ireland is different), know the addresses of the residences you have occupied for the past three years, and not currently be subject to a driving prohibition in order to update your address.
After submitting the application, you must also cut your old licence in half and mail it to the Government. You must do this; it is not an optional step. When the application is finished, you will be given the address to send the old licence to; you must do this right away, otherwise, the licence will no longer be valid.

While you wait for your new driver's licence to arrive, you can still drive.
You must get in touch with the driving licence office in your new country of residency if you are moving outside of Great Britain and cannot have your new address shown on your driver's licence.

On the driving with a medical condition page of this handbook, you may read more about any medical issues you need to inform the Government on.

Updating Your V5C's Address

You must also update your address on the vehicle logbook, also known as the V5C or by its previous name, the V5, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Once more, the Government has the authority to penalise you up to £1,000.

You have two options for changing your address on your V5C: online or by filling out the logbook's change of address section and mailing it to the Government.

Section three of the logbook must be completed, and the entire V5C must be delivered to the Government at the address listed on the form. Please be sure you fill out the appropriate section of the form and not the information for the new keeper.

Notifying Your Insurance Company of Your Move

Additionally, you must inform your car insurance company of your new address.
If you know the precise day you will be moving into the new residence, you can inform some providers in advance so they can make the necessary changes.

It's never been so easy to plan a moving

Numerous carriers factor on the kind of parking you have, such as a private drive or on-street parking, when determining the cost of your policy; hence, they might require this information before they can change your policy.

Alerting Your Lease or Finance Company of a Change of Address

If you are leasing a vehicle, you must inform your lease funder of your new address and the new location where the vehicle is maintained.

This will hold true even if you already own the car but are still making payments on it through a set payment schedule.

Like with any other financial product, it's crucial to keep your information current, so you should alert them right once if your name or address information changes.

Contact us and our Team will be pleased to confirm the best contact number for you if you leased your car through Car Lease Special Offers and are unsure of who your financing provider is or the best contact information for them.

Others You Might Need to Alert

In order for your information to match that from your bank and for them to be able to contact you in case of emergency, if you pay your vehicle tax via direct debit, you must also let them know of your address change.

You must also inform your separate breakdown insurance provider of any address changes if you have home-start coverage, especially if you do.

You'll know exactly what has to be done and how to execute each task if you plan your move in advance. Reduce the number of chores you have to complete while moving to lessen the stress on yourself. You don't have to drive your car to your new house if you're moving a long way.

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